For The Spark, worship is more than a moment that occurs in a limited Sunday morning timeframe. The group's music grew organically from a lifestyle deeply involved in their local church in Kenosha, WI, and its corresponding School of Worship (link here). Their debut full-length live album entitled “Your Love Is Strong” (released in August 2010) is a vital melding of new and old, fresh and familiar. Their newest crowd funded full-length studio album, “Burning Hearts” (released in May 2015) displays an adept awareness of how to help focus a congregation's voice, a skill that can only be honed through earnest on-the-ground experience in the local church. It's also an extremely rare accomplishment for an independent, grassroots group to be able to achieve massive anthem sounds that could stand shoulder to shoulder with Hillsong alongside reflective, Spirit-driven contemplation reminiscent of Bethel. Somehow The Spark manages to find footing there without feeling pretentious.

The Spark tears the ribbon off the neatly packaged box that most contemporary Christian sound fits into. They explore the depth of worship that is only possible when the Word of God is sought honestly and humbly, something that front man Chris Marvin feels is the band’s foundation. “I think there’s great danger in writing songs for other people to sing while failing to stay true to their message on a personal level,” he says. “I want to make sure that we actually hold our own relationship with the Lord higher than a stage where we tell other people to be close to God.”

Since the release of their EP in 2008, The Spark watches their following grow with each door that opens for them, from large conventions to smaller, more intimate concerts. In addition to ongoing involvement in their local church and community, they also seek to introduce the love of God through their music on whatever platform they are invited to, aiming to not only reconstruct the mold of worship music as defined by an industry standard, but also to reintroduce their listeners to worship’s very definition. It is their desire to write and play songs that glorify God, declare truth, and are relevant to today’s culture. It is their prayer that, through their music, the Holy Spirit will ignite a genuine passion for God in the hearts of this generation. A fire, after all, begins with a spark.